Escrow Thursday: Why Do They Use Blue Ink For Signings?

Why Do They Use Blue Ink For Signings?

All escrow companies want you to sign the documents for the sale or purchase of your home in blue ink. I have always wondered why this was done. I have asked that question of escrow officers in the past and I received a less than satisfactory answer. “That’s just the way we do it.” This does not explain the reason for the blue ink.

While having my Broker’s Manager sign some documents for a HUD purchase for one of my clients, he signed in blue ink. I asked him why he did that, thinking that black was just as good. He told me that that way they could tell it was the original signature.

I finally found out the reason as to why the escrow officers use blue ink—so that there is no dispute about the signature being the original signature of the signer. All copies of the signature would be black, so and original signature is always blue.

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