Wednesday Community Spotlight: City of Burien, Washington

City of Burien, Washington

I will be presenting several cities, and communities within those cities, in coming blog posts. The posts will be designed to inform you about the communities, hopefully giving you enough information to help you decide if you want to live there. I chose Burien to start, because that is the city where my office is located.

Burien is a city south of Seattle and west of the SeaTac International Airport. A fairly new city, it was incorporated on February 28, 1993. It has a population of 48,072 people living within the boundaries of the City. It has a downtown core that consists of a Town Square, Old Town, a number of interesting businesses, and a new library building which also houses the City Hall. It also has a brand-new transit center and parking garage for excellent transportation options.

There are a lot of events that make the Town Square home. Most recently, the Cove to Clover 10k and 5k Run had the finish line there. Let’s not forget the Wee Run that was also a part of the Cove to Clover Run. During the spring and summer months there is a bustling farmers market on Thursdays. “Discover Burien” has several events throughout the year that I will let you know about in upcoming blogs. Why don’t you subscribe to my RSS feed so that you do not miss any of the events?

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