Mortgage Monday: CoreLogic Brings New Credit Score Reporting to Lenders

CoreLogic Brings New Credit Score Reporting to Lenders.

CoreLogic presents CoreScore a new way to look at credit history and credit scores for consumers. It presents some “non-traditional” information into the traditional credit score market. Some of this information may not be presented by the top 3 credit reporting companies. By presenting this information to mortgage lenders CoreLogic hopes to present a more complete picture of someones credit and financial habits.

CoreScore is not designed to compete with your FICO score. It is meant to supplement the FICO score. FICO is currently working with CoreLogic in the development of CoreScore. Once a lender looks up your FICO score they can look up your CoreScore and get a more complete picture of what your financial habits may show. CoreScore is being designed to inform a lender where your FICO score will likely be in the future. The two scores combined will give a picture of your financial habits that may show possible financial trends.

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