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3 Techniques To Select the Right Neighborhood

According to national real estate statistics, the average person moves at least once every five years, for reasons such as corporate transfers, changes in economic status, marriage, divorce, etc. Before you move, you need to consider all the factors, especially if you have a family. It can be the best house in the world, but if the neighborhood does not fit,you can never really call it a home.

What factors need to be considered?
Before you move to a new neighborhood, there are a few things you need to take into account, such as whether the streets are quiet or constantly trafficked, which would make it dangerous for young children. Is there access to good schools and quality education? Are there parks and trees to beautify the neighborhood, and playgrounds for the children? Is it a tight-knit community, or is it every man for himself? Is it within convenient walking distance to shopping, or easy commute to employment? What about the neighbors? When you consider all the questions you can do a little research and discover if it is the right neighborhood for you.

What are three techniques you can use to discover if it is the right neighborhood?
1. With all the information available on the internet today you can go online to search engines such as Google or Yahoo and type in a city or neighborhood. Internet research can provide information such as crime statistics, proximity to schools and businesses, the number of parks, population statistics, property values, and even how old the neighborhood is.
2. You can visit the local police department to ask questions about the neighborhood you are considering. They should be able to provide you with significant details about crime and safety and if there is a good neighborhood watch program where neighbors look out for each other.
3. One of the best and most popular ways to tell if it is the right neighborhood for you is to get in your car and scout around, both during the day and in the evening. If you see a graffiti problem it may raise questions. What is the local school like? If a school is well-kept it is a sign that the neighborhood is, as well. Visit and talk with your future neighbors and ask them a few questions. These are some of the factors that can help define the neighborhood for you.

If your dream house and the surrounding neighborhood fit together, the house will feel more like home.

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