Escrow Thursday: OSS Requirements For Closing Escrow

OSS Requirements For Closing Escrow.

In King County Washington where I am located, there are a lot of homes that have an Onsite Sewer System or OSS installed. They are commonly referred to as a septic system. The King County Health Department has an ordinance that requires the owner to maintain records for the regular inspection and maintenance of the system. Prior to closing the system needs to be certified by a licensed inspector. If this certification is not given the County Clerks office will not transfer title thus holding up the closing of any sale where the certificate is not present.

The law is very specific on who needs to do the certification. The owner that appears on title must be the one to have the certification. The buyer can not have the certification done in King County Washington. There have been a few sales recently that have not closed due to the owner, in these cases it is usually a bank, not getting the certification, or insisting that the buyer get the certification.

Ask your Real Estate Professional about the need for a certification of all OSSystems in your state. Be sure to follow all regulations so that your home will close and title gets transferred to you.

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