Escrow Thursday: Get Ready For Your Closing

Get Ready For Your Closing

1. Have your real estate agent get a copy of your closing statement, or HUD-1, two or three days before you are scheduled to sign the closing documents. You will need to go over the statement to ensure that all charges you are being required to pay, are actually yours. Sometimes the wrong charge is on the wrong side of the ledger. You will have enough time to get it corrected before your signing.

2. Go over all the credits due you from the seller as agreed upon in the purchase and sale agreement. Are they all listed and being credited to your account?

3. Go over all the lender, title, and escrow fees to be sure they are what is in your contract with the lender, title company and escrow company. The lender fees should have been revealed to you prior to signing the loan documents. Title insurance fees should be revealed prior to closing as well as the escrow fees.

4. Re-inspect the property two to three days prior to signing. This is done to ensure that the seller maintained the property in the same condition, or as close as possible, to the condition in which you agreed to purchase the home. If the lawn needs mowing, make sure that your agent is aware of it and lets the seller’s agent know. If any repairs that were agreed upon are not done, now is the time to request that they are done. That way it can get done and you won’t have to worry about it on the day you move in.

5. Make sure that all instructions in the purchase and sale agreement have been met prior to you signing the documents. Your agent can assist you in this. He or she should be aware of all the instructions and should be sure that they are carried out.

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