Mortgage Monday: Rates Hit the Bottom Again!

Rates Hit the Bottom Again!

Mortgage rates went down along with the stock market. Thirty-year fixed were at 4.25 to 4.35% with 15-year mortgages at 3.75. Were you waiting for the rates to get lower before you bought that home you were dreaming of? Why wait any longer? Go to your loan officer and get locked in at one of these low rates before they go up. Then contact your Real Estate Broker and find that home you always wanted to buy. Home prices are still down and with rates this low, why are you waiting?

Rates follow the stock market. As the market rises, so do rates on thirty-year fixed loans. As the market moves down, so do rates. Will the market stay down forever? Probably not. So get off the fence and get out there and do your part to bring the economy back by buying your dream home.

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