Escrow Thursday: The Perfect Escrow

The Perfect Escrow

Does the perfect escrow exist? Perfection is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially when dealing with complexities of the escrow, the desires of the parties and other matters that are sometimes far beyond the control of the escrow officer. It is human nature to err on occasion, but your escrow officer has the background, training, education, support and systems in place necessary in order to accomplish the objectives of the escrow instructions.

In the event you have any problems in the handling of your escrow, you should first contact the escrow officer. If your problem is not resolved, you should next contact the management or owner of the escrow company. If the matter requires additional attention, you can call the proper regulatory agency and report the problem to them.

If your real estate agent has been diligent in his or her service to you, they will have gotten a copy of the preliminary escrow statement and will have looked it over for any errors prior to the final statement being drawn up. Any errors to the statement should be corrected prior to signing.

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