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One question that first-time home buyers may have is, “What can I
expect from a buyer’s agent?”

Here is the minimum you can expect, by law, in the state of Washington.

1. A buyer’s agent is to exercise reasonable skill and care.
2. The agent must deal honestly and in good faith.
3. The agent must be loyal to the buyer by taking no action that is
adverse or detrimental to the buyer’s interest in a transaction.
4. The agent must disclose to the buyer any conflicts of interest in
a timely manner.
5. The agent must not disclose any confidential information from or
about the buyer, even after termination of the relationship, except
under subpoena or court order.
6. The agent must make a good faith and continuous effort to find a
property for the buyer.

“How much,” you may ask, “will this cost me as the buyer of a home?”

In my case, it will cost you nothing. That’s right, I do all of this
at no cost to you. “But nothing is free!” you may say. You are right,
nothing is free. I get paid by commission when I help a buyer
purchase a home. The commission is paid by the seller, not the buyer.
So now you know, as the buyer of a home-at least one thing in life is

Rick Chapman
First Time Home Buyer Specialist
Windermere Real Estate

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